Back from a hiatus.. or, On the rise of India as a global power

The last 2 months have been filled with doing much more than I could even begin to start writing about. Or had the time to anyway. Or maybe I was just being lazy! Oh well.

Time magazine has an excellent series of articles on the rising star that is the Indian economy and state. What struck me specifically were the articles on KP Singh, the founder of DLF Real Estate which today has a market capitalization 3 BILLION USD *greater* than General Motors. At $24 billion, they're one of the biggest in the world. And of course, there were the occasional numbers on the growth of the economy to a trillion dollars (this April) et al. But the author summed it up (brilliantly, I thought) as

"Extraordinary as it is, the rise of India and China is nothing more than a return to the ancient equilibrium of world trade, with Europeans no longer appearing as gun-toting, gunboat-riding colonial masters but instead reverting to their traditional role: that of eager consumers of the much celebrated manufactures, luxuries and services of the East."



Szerelem said...

You were just lazy - admit it.
The articles are interesting. I like Pakistan moves beyond faith.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

Hah, lazy sure, but getting up at 8am on 9 consecutive weekends to go hiking 7-10 miles is no joke you know :))

and then there's work.

iz said...

yay! he's alive!!!!!!!!!

That Armchair Philosopher said...

But of course :D