Reflections on Spiderman and his webs

Well. We all know how good (or bad, depending on perspectives) Spiderman 3 was. Don't worry, no spoilers here. This is just a question I need to ask the world at large.

Spidey looks cool doesn't he, when he swings about on his webs, to and fro all of New York Ci.. er, I mean, whatever fictional city he lives in. But.

*WHAT in HELL* does he do with those pieces of webbing stuck all over the city?!!!!

I'm flummoxed.


Renovatio said...

I should imagine that at some point as he hurtles through the air, he runs into some of his own web criss-crossing and winds up getting caught in it... I can just see it in cartoon form... gosh I'd love to see Toby Maguire dangling in the air... best scenes were the ones where he fell down 8 stories.

His name is Toby Maguire right? That isn't the Tom Cruise movie?

iz said...

Hammocks for birds?

I think I'm the only one who likes teh black costume though....

Zee said...

saw it this morning......u're not the only one who identified the problem

Confused & Baffled said...

pch. you dont know? they explained that in the comicbooks. the webs dissolve into nothingness after an hour or so.

not only is he a superhero, he is environment-friendly too.

just to keep it clear though, my defending him in no way says i defend the monstrosity that was S3.

Vijayeta said...

Sell it on eBay, I'm sure and secretly making money out of it. I guess that also explains why he does all that pointless swinging all over the city even when he doesnt have a mission!