Birthday blues

.. And so I turn 23.

Oh. What. Joy.

*end sarcasm*


Zee said...

ok dude you cannot CANNOT complain about being 23. it's criminal. Esp when there are 26 yr olds reading ur blogs!!

iz said...

Yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! DAMN! Youre so young!

Szerelem said...

Happy Burday!!!!!!!!!! (belated - but still).
And don't crib about your age - old is gold. So I tell myself.

hedonistic hobo said...

shut up!
i just lost 23.
you're young so LIVE. IT. UP!

and wooheehoohoo happy boiday bebe!

hedonistic hobo said...

oye left a comment on the indian values waala post but most importanty want link to beeb article you mentioned please.

are you still recovering from thine budday bash? it took me two days to get over mine. vodka red bull...never again.

jerry said...

oh well, all the best...and happy birthday! cheers!

sinusoidally said...

23? Seriously get over it! You are ONLY 23!

Happy B'day btw :-)

Raindrop said...

Another baby in the blog world.

Happy Biwthday wittle boy!:)

Cyberkitty said...

happy birthday - it was fun being 23 !

Snake Anthony said...

Don't bitch about being 23. You're radiating youth now! I wonder what you're going to be like 4 years from now. *shakes head sadly*

That Armchair Philosopher said...

@zee - heh heh. come off it already, you feel the same way no matter how old you get. plus, 26 is the perfect age to be at. its the next best thing to being 16, except that you now have money of your OWN :)

@iz - thanks. pfft. I feel OLD. old old OLD.

@szerelem - thank you :) and yes, i'll try to convince myself of that maxim Real Soon Now. (tm)

@hobo - :D just lost 23. yayy. oldie. :P
thank you! how're you doing?

@hobo -

BBC - here you go!

birthday bash was rather nice. more about it on blog soon..

@jerry - thanks dude - how're things going?

@sinusoidally - heh heh, ONLY eh? i think that perspective will come when i turn 24 or something. right now, i feel older than i have in years. (how true :P)

@raindrop - another "baby"? oooh, are we trying to mock my pretty young age? tsk tsk. the twinges of jealousy are just about dripping out :D thanks.

@cyberkitty - hello there! thanks for stopping by - and thanks for the wishes :) i hope 23 is as good as its made out to be hehe.

@SA - in 4 years, I'll be GASP 27. oh man. oh man. thats gonna suck. i'll be almost THIRTY. argh. argh. argh.

jerry said...
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