Rishing from the ashesh...

.. like a phoenix in a drunken stupor bumbling its way through the fiery portals of procrastination. Well, here's a rant which I wrote for 'A Professional Whiner'.

California. The home of high tech and more importantly, sandy beaches, beautiful women and more culture anywhere west of New England. Right. This rant however, is about life in silicon valley. or the lack thereof. What! you say? No life in silicon VALLEY? you're kidding right?

Unfortunately, I'm not. Consider. As close as it is to San Francisco with its brilliant night life and cultural offerings, the valley is pretty much dead any time after 10pm on a weekday (and some weekends). I don't know what it is - a combination of the lifestyles of the people who work here, implicit laws on alcohol or plain disinterest? Most people who work here are single minded in their outlook towards life - "I have a job, a car or two and a house, coupled with a couple of kids and a wife" - yayy! end of ambition. [This is with reference to most of the Indians incidentally. NOT that I'm trying to be anti-Indian. It just is.]

Innovation seems to be an unheard of quantity too. A typical person would do anything assigned to him/her - but JUST that, and then go home to watch reruns of hindi shows on Zee TV or lip sync to Sholay. Duuh. How retarded do you have to be to NOT go enjoy a concert, a play, or something equally invigiorating? And why does EVERYONE eat at the same restaurants, shop at the same grocery stores and drive green honda civics EVEN when you can afford better?

A simple conversation with a random sampling leads me to grouse about how they know shit about anything other than bollywood movies/songs and possibly the domain of their work - and a large number, not even that. Mozart who? Emile Zola - eeh, never heard of him. Opera? Nix. Politics - except for Laloo's latest antics, nix. Even things Indian - Chanakya? Surely you mean the cinema in Delhi. Tharoor? Erm, I've heard the name.. Yes, yes, you get the picture. Great.

Speaking of pregnant women. WTF is it with the valley and them? I can't drive around without seeing atleast a couple of pregnant women walking on the sidewalks with what I can only assume are their parents. I mean, if all these people do is procreate, and they're freaking educated - I'm hardly surprised at the population boom back in India.

Wow. When I start ranting, I really do get sucked into it..


Scritch said...

I hearitly agree with the pregnant women being everywhere and fricking annoying.
half the problems with poverty and all these charities recruiting for sponsership would be halved if people stoping have so many godamn kids.
there thats my ranting quote met for today

That Armchair Philosopher said...

half the problems would be halved? :P but you know whats scary? the people we're talking about are educated on the verge of being overly so. and you still meet people who've had 4 kids a piece, and have 5 sisters and 3 brothers as part of their my-dad-was-in-the-army-type-family, who've followed suit.

Egghead said...

yeah it was a rare streak of inspiration. I laughed while I wrote the post! unfortunately some people didn't get the humour.

Grafxgurl said...

people in India are going to start falling into the Ocean i tell you!! the way they keep carrying on and popping out babies every nanosecond!!!

thanks for dropping by my blog! welcoem back any time!! if you can make out the words in the messed up layout that is!!! :D

Scritch said...

haha if only half could be halved. one fourth would be quite nice.
Just stop fucking breeding.
I think that should Bob Geldof's new slogan.
I plan of starting an anti population ad campaign soon. Wanna join?

Raindrop said...

I agree with you about innovation. Indians expect conformity rather than individualism from their kids. Get a good job, marry, and procreate. Or else risk excommunication from the community.

Pregnant women think they're doing the world a favor by adding to it. I have a chilli plant that lets me eat its little chilli babies. Do human kids ever do that? No, they're just ungrateful assholes when they grow up.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

@scritch - heh, i'm with you. lets have a theme every week on what people can whine about on the whiner's blog. that way, there's some conformity to the whines - and this week can be - 'stop the freakin breedin already' :)

@raindrop - welcome! w.r.t the chilli plant and babies - do you really want to eat human babies? ;) but i don't know if you're not doing great injustice to humans at large - not all of them grow up to be that way. that said with my limited experience of course, you might know better!

chitgo said...

:) well well well! the world is small (or in us dipsites case the world is in our school:))...drop me a line with some ID to dhruv.chitgo(at)gmail.com , would be brilliant to re-connect.

Scritch said...

i agree on the themed whining thing but its just so hard top regulate my levels of ranting and crankiness sometimes. If you can post you should do it.